Swimming technique testing system              by prof. Rein Haljand
swimmer Quality control of  FREESTYLE  START  technique
  1. REACTION & PREFLEXION  phase                
x · Body position.      
x · Movement of hip      
x · Reaction time from start signal to beginning push-off      
x · Preflexion of  knees      
  2.PUSHING phase        
x · Transfer impulsive pushing forces        
x · Timing of arms action      
x · Head speed forward      
x · Body position at the end of push  
x · The duration of pushing action       
  3. FLIGHT phase        
x · Hip position during flight       
x · Legs action ( rise up before entry)      
x · Arms action ( stright forward)      
x · Flight speed      
x ·The length of head entry      
  4.  ENTRY & GLIDE phase    
x · Head position during entry (between arms)      
x · Body and legs position during entry (without splashing , entry kick)      
x · Forward speed of hands during entry (max)      
x · Forward speed immediately after entry      
  5.  UNDERWATER KICKING phase    
x · Timing of the beginning the first leg kick      
x · Head and arms position during leg kicks      
x · Rhythm and action of legs during kicking      
x · Duration and number of  kicks   to  keep  high forward speed      
x · Speed during leg kicks      
x · Trajectory of gradual rise to surface   
  6.  PULLOUT phase        
x · Timing of the beginning of first pullout stroke      
x · Forward speed during first pullout stroke      
x · Timing of the beginning second pullout stroke      
x · Forward speed during second pullout stroke      
x · The action of  arm strokes and recovery during pullout   
x · The action of body during pullout      
x · Timing of arms and legs at the end of pullout strokes      
x · Swimming speed after pullout strokes      
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