Swimming technique testing system by prof. Rein Haljand
swimmer Quality control of BUTTERFLY SWIMMING technique                        
  1. Arms pulling phase    
x The arms action during pull (good catch, high elbow position)      
x The leg action during the pull (with overextension of knees)      
x The head action during the pull (good streching chin forward)      
x Hands slip during pull (must be positive, body moving on the pull)      
x Forward speed during pull (higher, compared to previous phase)      
  2. Arms pushing with leg kick phase        
x Position of arms at the middle of stroke (almost vertical)  
x Timing of push and kick (simultanious end)      
x Hands pushing slip (less negative, sticking to water).      
x Forward speed (max high speed)      
  3. Arms recovery phase    
x Body position during arm recovery,( flat)      
x The timing of head entry at the end of inhalation( hands passing shoulder line).      
x Forward speed during recovery.(high)      
  4. Arms entry with leg kick phase        
x The timing of hands entry with leg kick down(simultaniously).  
x Legs action during kick with arms entry ( good transfer of force, fixing knees )      
x Forward speed during kick with arms entry(high)      
x Body and wave position (flat)  
x Relative speed of hands backwards (the slower the better sticking to water)      
x Hands speed forward during recovery.(not too quick)      
x Movement during arms stroke = half stroke length(the longer the better stroker)      
x Movement during arms recovery = half stroke length (the longer the better flyer)      
x Breathing actions  
x Stroke length (the longer the better)      
x Frequency (keep individual optimum)      
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